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Belgrade birthday gifts - gifts for her

Looking for an original gift can be very difficult, because everything has already been seen, designed and created. With a lot of effort, we managed to create unique gifts for you that will surely leave the ladies breathless.

What a birthday present we are preparing for you

Birthday gifts in Belgrade – a gift for her: A perfect actor, stripper and dancer in one package. At the home address of the birthday girl herself. With a perfectly designed text, choreography and stage performance that you could only see in American films until now. The only thing is that you will be able to watch that movie live this time if you choose this very birthday gift! How does it sound to you? Unbelievable at first. But here we will explain to you that our actor and stripper has ten years of experience in this business, which he perfected in Ibiza and America. And then he brought it to Serbia and introduced something that has not been seen in our area until now. Actually reserved only for those who like innovative birthday gifts, and who want to give something spectacular to the birthday girl for a bachelorette party or as a birthday present. This is a gift exclusively for women – a gift for her. Our experience shows that these are ideal gifts for birthdays, as well as a great gift for a bachelorette party.

Police officer

  • A surprise visit
  • Enforcement of regulations
  • Apprehension
  • Performans


  • A surprise visit
  • Emergency intervention
  • Fire extinguishing
  • Performans


  • A surprise visit
  • Captain and crew
  • Rescue SOS
  • Performans

Stripper! What’s the first thing you think of?

Gifts for her in Belgrade : Nudity, playing around the bar, vulgarity, unpleasantness…STOP! At the very start, we will mention that you should not expect a naked stripper and actor for you. Unpleasant scenes, feelings of shame and similar things that you might find in an erotic film, are not here. This is about well-rehearsed dancing, stripping to the limit, fun and spontaneity that will turn your birthday into a real movie story if you choose just this birthday present for your birthday girl.


Belgrade birthday gifts – a gift for her : But only when it comes to your birthday girl because we want to surprise her/or rather shock her when a uniformed face appears at her door, she won’t even cross her mind that it’s actually her birthday present . Since we are agreeing on this surprise gift without her knowledge. We keep everything a complete secret so that the whole story has meaning and her original birthday present is sent off in full glory. You decide whether you want Saša to appear as a fireman, policeman or sailor at the birthday girl’s door.
1. Policeman: Our policeman will also knock on your door in a real police uniform. With the story that he is coming because of disturbing the peace and order due to the loud music, because the neighbors got wet. “When it comes to these kinds of situations, we have a custom to go in and perform a routine control,” emphasizes the policeman. At the moment when the policeman approaches the birthday girl to search her, at that moment you play the music and that’s where his performance begins. The expression on the birthday girl’s face at that moment should be seen as “not estimable”. The performance lasts about 45 minutes, sometimes it lasts longer when there are tips and the program is therefore more interesting. All girls who want can participate.

A birthday gift that will be remembered for the rest of your life

Birthday gifts: This has been our idea from the very beginning. To offer you something that will be retold for decades when everything is over. The birthday girl will be delighted and probably for both you and her that birthday present will be one of the most beautiful when everything is over. But we want to tell you that the wonders of the movie scene are not reserved only for Hollywood, millionaires and some selected people there. Our service is available to everyone who wants their day to be completely different, and these original birthday gifts are an ideal opportunity for such a thing. This is where our idea lies, the value we work by and the very performance we present. This is an ideal opportunity to choose an original gift for a bachelorette party!

Lux limousine
Luxury limousine ride + striptease performance in a limousine + champagne as a gift

A Lux limousine will pick you up at your desired address at the agreed time (airport, hotel, restaurant, in front of your house, etc.). You will be greeted by a luxuriously dressed driver who will open the door for you to enter like a real VIP star, because that’s what he is. And while you’re drinking champagne, you’re enjoying the beautiful view and the luxury that complements your favorite music, you don’t even suspect what’s in store for you. After about 15 minutes, the traffic police stop you on the suspicion that illegal substances are being consumed inside. The policeman enters the limousine to perform a routine check, when the young man approaches to search it, at that moment the door closes and you play the song “MR Policeman” and the policeman starts his performance with the young woman. The expression on the young man’s face should be seen, priceless! All girls who want to can participate in the performance. The limousine will drop you off at your destination wherever suits you in the territory of Belgrade. For example, in front of a club or restaurant where you can get out of the limousine as a VIP. The location where the limousine will pick you up and drop you off is important, that it is not a secluded narrow street, because the limousine is too long, so it cannot fit everywhere. look more here, lux limousine.

Lux yacht cruise and striptease performance on the yacht
This gift is only for real hedonists, for ladies who appreciate luxury, glamor and elegance

A yacht and a special gift: We offer you the service of booking an appointment even in the later hours, where you will be able to experience Belgrade at night in the best way with a beautiful view of the sunset. And while you drink your favorite drink and enjoy the view of the city from a completely different perspective, you will forget about time, and at that moment you will receive a special gift – a Striper in the role of a sailor. He will amaze all the girls with his sensual movements, but his main focus will be on the young, birthday girl. But it goes without saying that all other girls can also participate in his performance. Tipping is allowed and that way the striptease performance will be even more interesting. His performance lasts about 45 minutes, but sometimes he stays even longer when there is a good atmosphere and when there are tips. We are sure that all the girls will enjoy themselves while participating in the performance with him, because he will raise the atmosphere to a higher level in an interesting way. Being in Belgrade and not experiencing it from the river, you would certainly be deprived of a wonderful feeling where you can hear everything, where the picture speaks more than the words and the sound of the water plays the most beautiful melody. See more about this luxury gift here Yacht and special gift

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For all additional questions and reservations, you can contact us via the number.

poklon za nju

Get moving because life is one!

Gifts for her: To begin with, contact us: +381 69 306 1989. And then let’s agree on everything and all the details that logically cannot fit into this text. Because you will agree with us it is not the same.

What is very important to emphasize is that you keep these birthday gifts that you decide to prepare for your friend, sister, colleague, cousin…(a person of the female gender exclusively) a secret from the birthday girl all the time. She must not think for a second that you are preparing something for her, hiding something, etc. While you’re waiting for her birthday gifts to show up at the door on her birthday, you’ll act completely normal and everyday. It’s perfectly okay to chat, maybe eat something, drink your drink, take photos or dance to your favorite song with the birthday girl. There is no whispering between the guests, suspicious smiling or any moves that would arouse suspicion in her. However, this is a secret gift for her.

Birthday gifts – Recommendation: you know the birthday girl best and you can probably guess what would excite her the most and what she would like the most. What you imagine, we realize! Don’t drown yourself in the sea of the same, only original gifts are those that are remembered for the rest of your life! And we are here for the one: “Wow experience”, which starts with “I can’t believe it” or “Is it real?” Well, with us, the irrational becomes real. And an ordinary birthday – a Hollywood movie!

Do not wait for the right moment – go to meet him.

Telephone for appointment booking: +381 69 306 1989

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Jelena Basic Palkovic
Jelena Basic Palkovic
Sve pohvale,hvala za extra provod. Sve preporuke????
Sara Nikolic
Sara Nikolic
Vrlo zabavno i lepo iskustvo. Sasa je pravi profesionalac. Sve pohvale za njega i njegov performans.
Vijoleta Zivanovic
Vijoleta Zivanovic
Covek za svaku pohvalu,ljubazan,korektan,pristojan i nasmejan! Saradnja od samog početka je bila top,hvala ti,hvala za performans,uspelo nam je iznenadjenje????????
Sandra Čurović
Sandra Čurović
Super provod, sve pohvale!
Ilic Minja
Ilic Minja
top performans! 😉
Jovana Lazic
Jovana Lazic
Hvala ti puno što si ucinio naše vece savrsenim. Sve preporuke za Saleta, najbolji je u onome što radi, i čini da se svaka oseća posebnom! Jedva cekamo neko sledeće druženje ????
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