Iznajmljivanje limuzine sa striptizetom i sampanjecem


Belgrade striptease rental is synonymous with an original bachelor party. If you are the best man and you don’t know how to organize a successful Moaco party, don’t worry because we create unforgettable experiences in accordance with your wishes. We have prepared for you perfect ideas on how to organize a unique Moačko party in a few steps. Our strippers are ready to take your party to a higher level. In the rest of the text, read what we have prepared for you.


Stritiz Belgrade or another city is totally irrelevant because we come to any location you want. Renting a strip in Belgrade or any other city has never been easier. It is enough to call the number + 38169-306-1989 and check the availability of appointments for your desired date. And we will provide you with the best service in accordance with your wishes and expectations.

Belgrade renting female stripper is a great idea if you are organizing a bachelor party, a surprise for a friend’s birthday, or a company surprise for employees. He will make your celebration an unforgettable experience as he dances for the groom, the birthday boy and the rest of the company. Our strippers will impress you primarily with their beautiful and tempting appearance. Their sculpted bodies are one of those on the cover of Playboy magazine. A beautiful stripper will appear at the agreed time at the desired address, wherever you are. Whether it’s striptease in Belgrade, Novi Sad, Subotica or any other city where you will be located. A stripper can be naughty – wild and untamed or even tame and nice, depending on your wishes. The striptease performance lasts between 45-60 minutes. Baksis is always welcome, and in return you will get an even better performance from a cunning stripper who will do her best to satisfy your expectations as far as it is in her strip performance domain. You can only touch the stripper as much as she allows you to.
. Striptease is an erotic or exotic dance in which the performer gradually undresses in a seductive and sexually suggestive manner. A person who performs striptease is generally known as a “stripper” or an exotic dancer.

Our strippers do the topless version, which means they stay in their underwear and take off their bras. In this way, your strippers will perform an elegant performance, and on the other hand, a sexy and fun dance that will be talked about for a long time.


1. Belgrade Striptease in a limousine for a bachelor party, a birthday party is only for those who want to go one step further and raise their party to a higher level in order to experience a movie story together with the birthday boy, the groom. Depending on where you are in Belgrade, your luxury limousine with a professional driver, a stripper in the limousine, and chilled champagne will be waiting for you there. Sounds great right? Read more about this luxury package here Limousine rental with striptease and champagne.

2. If you are coming from abroad, STRIPTIZ IN BELGRADE will be an unforgettable experience for you. Precisely because of this, because you will be greeted at the airport by a luxury limousine so that you will feel like a V.I.P. from the start. guests because they are. And in the limousine you will be greeted by beautiful strippers and chilled champagne. Read more about this lux package here: airport transfer in a lux limousine with a hot striptease.

3. A cruise on the Danube on a luxury yacht for a bachelor party is only for true hedonists. This is the perfect way to make your bachelor party, birthday unforgettable. While enjoying the sunset on the Danube and the view of Kalemegdani as well as other beautiful parts of Belgrade, you will be able to drink your favorite drink so that you feel relaxed and feel the magic of a yacht cruise. Your mood will be completed by the beautiful striptease that will make your cruise on the luxury yacht unforgettable. Read more about this luxurious palette here: lux yacht with striptease.


Belgrade is considered a city with excellent nightlife. So if you decide not to stay in the accommodation and want to go out to the club, we can provide you with the best reservations. If you make reservations through us, you will surely get a better place in the club than if you make a reservation yourself, because our associates and friends work in the best clubs in Belgrade. From the moment you enter the club, our friend will wait for you and place you next to each booth and will be there for you the whole evening. Which means you can turn to him for whatever you need.
. The condition for the booth is 2 premium bottle of drink
. The requirement for high seating is 1 premium bottle of drink


Belgrade Renting a stripper: We consider your choice to rent a stripper from us as an honor and a privilege that we do not take lightly. The striptease service in Belgrade or another city strives to provide the absolute best experience, whether you have hired strippers through us many times in the past or you are doing it for the first time. Because we want you to come back next time. If you are not satisfied with anything in the cooperation or you simply have something to suggest to us, make a suggestion. Feel free to contact us and we will correct it, adopt it.

We choose the strippers live to make sure that they are the best first of all as people (personality – character traits), work ethics, responsibility, accuracy, physical appearance as well as dancing skills.

We strive to make each of our clients satisfied, which justifies our rating of 5.0 in client comments. This is the only way we know that you will recommend us and that you will come back to us again. Because your satisfaction is our success.

If you have any questions about hiring strippers and want to work for our company as a stripper, feel free to contact us. If you want or just to make a comment or suggestion, don’t hesitate to call because we are here for you.

Don’t waste your money on going to a strip club because there you will need a lot of money just for drinks, and you will watch the strippers on stage dancing around the bar. For much less money, you will have a more intimate striptease performance just for your company in your accommodation (apartment for the day, your house, apartment, rented villa with pool, apartment). Renting a stripper will give you an experience that you will remember for the rest of your life.

Don’t let someone take your appointment, call now and book your appointment on time!
+381 69 306 1989

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Jelena Basic Palkovic
Jelena Basic Palkovic
Sve pohvale,hvala za extra provod. Sve preporuke????
Sara Nikolic
Sara Nikolic
Vrlo zabavno i lepo iskustvo. Sasa je pravi profesionalac. Sve pohvale za njega i njegov performans.
Vijoleta Zivanovic
Vijoleta Zivanovic
Covek za svaku pohvalu,ljubazan,korektan,pristojan i nasmejan! Saradnja od samog početka je bila top,hvala ti,hvala za performans,uspelo nam je iznenadjenje????????
Sandra Čurović
Sandra Čurović
Super provod, sve pohvale!
Ilic Minja
Ilic Minja
top performans! 😉
Jovana Lazic
Jovana Lazic
Hvala ti puno što si ucinio naše vece savrsenim. Sve preporuke za Saleta, najbolji je u onome što radi, i čini da se svaka oseća posebnom! Jedva cekamo neko sledeće druženje ????
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