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BELGRADE STRIP BAR - Male And Female Striptease

Belgrade strip bar has long since been surpassed! Strippers and strippers will knock on your door, a new HIT in Serbia!

BELGRADE STRIP BAR has long since been surpassed! That’s why we had to go a step further and fulfill the wishes of our clients. We have prepared an incredible sensation that will leave you breathless, and that at your home address. Renting a stripper or a stripper for the date you want and at a location that suits you. Our script bar is always thinking about how to improve its service and meet all the expectations of its clients.

Belgrade striptease bar and the opinion of clients

Belgrade strip bar : Striptiz Belgrade – Striptiz Novi Sad – Striptiz Subotica, which city do you want? It doesn’t really matter, because we come to each of your destinations. We have always loved to hear feedback from our clients, what is it that they would like?
1. Most of them are not in Belgrade and are not able to visit the strip bar in Belgrade. That’s why Striptiz Bar made it possible for them to rent strippers and strippers for their Private parties, bachelor parties, bachelorette parties, birthday gifts, surprise for company employees and all kinds of fun events. Upon arrival at their desired address. It can be their apartment, house, rented apartment, hotel room, apartment for the day, villa with pool, raft.

2. Many complained that it is expensive for them and they don’t have to spend a certain amount of money to go out to a strip bar, because the prices in strip bars in Belgrade are too high. So for a bachelor or bachelorette party, you need a minimum of around 700 euros to spend in strip bars in Belgrade.

Belgrade strip bar : – We listened to the wishes of our clients and that’s why we made our striptease bar a perfect experience for them at their private parties for drastically less money. And on the other hand, unlike a visit to a strip bar, you will get your own intimacy where the strippers and strippers will be able to dance just for you, without the eyes of the public, tucked away in your private accommodation where you will feel relaxed and relaxed with your company.

striptiz bar


Belgrade strip bar : In general, at the mention of such bars, many people will first think of various prejudices that generally prevail when mentioning this topic. And while some expect fornication, debauchery and immorality, the truth is actually totally different. Striptease Bars provide excellent service where you will sit at your booth and watch the strippers do their dance around the bar while you pay for bottles of expensive pizzas. Precisely for this reason, in order to avoid prejudices, if someone you know sees you going out to places that are considered immoral by the people, such as a strip bar. We have prepared the rental of strippers and strippers for your private celebrations. Our male strippers and female strippers will provide you with a sophisticated atmosphere for the widest possible clientele. The striptease performance will look primarily provocative and erotic, but by no means excessively vulgar and without style, but moderate and in line with your wishes and needs.

Belgrade strip bar : And what especially attracts the attention of our clients is a surprise for a bachelorette party, a birthday where a stripper comes to your door in a real police uniform because of the loud music. As well as beautiful striptease for the bachelor party, which will leave the groom and everyone present breathless, and the performance itself will be remembered forever.

Male striptease - for ladies only
Male stripper for bachelorette party, birthday! Arrival at the desired address.
Female strippers
Female strippers for your bachelor party, birthday, celebration. Arrival at the desired address.
  • And for those of you who want an even greater kind of luxury, we have prepared a striptease in a luxury limousine in Belgrade, with a stripper, a stripper, depending on what you need.

  • Cruise on a luxury yacht on the Danube and the Sava with a beautiful stripper or stripper for an unforgettable experience.
Lux yacht with a stripper
Lux yacht cruise + striptease performance - for bachelor parties, bachelorette parties, birthdays, celebrations, banquets.
Lux limousine with a stripper
Lux limousine + striptease and stripper of your choice. A gift of champagne. For bachelor parties, bachelorette parties, birthdays, celebrations,

1. How far in advance should I book a stripper or a stripper?
BELGRADE STRIP BAR – Early enough so that someone doesn’t take your desired time slot. Therefore, do not hesitate and feel free to contact us and we will provide you with all the necessary information. Phone for scheduling an appointment +381 69 306 1989

2. How do I rent a stripper?
BELGRADE STRIP BAR – Reservations are made by calling +381 69 306 1989

3. What do we need to book an appointment?
BELGRADE STRIP BAR – The reservation is made by paying half the price, the rest is paid after the work is done. We need the phone number of one of the people who will be at the scheduled event. Place, address, date and time of the strip performance.

4. Are we allowed to tip exotic strippers?
BELGRADE STRIP BAR – Yes, of course. It is desirable! They will work hard and raise the atmosphere incredibly, to make sure everyone has a good time. Check that everyone present has a tip. Remember that the bigger the tip, the more interesting and exciting the performance.

5. What should we prepare before you come?
BELGRADE STRIP BAR – Prepare one ordinary chair for sitting, that means not a high bar chair but an ordinary chair, one towel and a lot of positive energy. Make sure everyone is ready to have a good time. Make sure everyone has a tip. Please leave animals and minors in another room.

6. Is it possible to perform in a club, cafe, bar, restaurant?
BELGRADE STRIP BAR – Yes, if you have rented the space only for you and your guests. Of course, if the boss approves it.

7. How long does the strip performance last?
BELGRADE STRIP BAR – In essence, we don’t watch the clock between 45-60 minutes, sometimes we stay longer when the atmosphere is good, the euphoria among the guests grows, there are enough tips.

8. Will the striptease performers bring their own sound system?
BELGRADE STRIP BAR – No, we do not bring our own sound system, lighting, amplifiers, we only do striptease performances. We can send you our playlist. You can play it via bluetooth speaker, youtube, computer, mixer, keyboard if you have a band or DJ.

На основу 164 рецензије
Jelena Basic Palkovic
Jelena Basic Palkovic
Sve pohvale,hvala za extra provod. Sve preporuke????
Sara Nikolic
Sara Nikolic
Vrlo zabavno i lepo iskustvo. Sasa je pravi profesionalac. Sve pohvale za njega i njegov performans.
Vijoleta Zivanovic
Vijoleta Zivanovic
Covek za svaku pohvalu,ljubazan,korektan,pristojan i nasmejan! Saradnja od samog početka je bila top,hvala ti,hvala za performans,uspelo nam je iznenadjenje????????
Sandra Čurović
Sandra Čurović
Super provod, sve pohvale!
Ilic Minja
Ilic Minja
top performans! 😉
Jovana Lazic
Jovana Lazic
Hvala ti puno što si ucinio naše vece savrsenim. Sve preporuke za Saleta, najbolji je u onome što radi, i čini da se svaka oseća posebnom! Jedva cekamo neko sledeće druženje ????
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