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belgrade bachelor party

Belgrade Bachelor party is a key moment in life that almost every man faces, who is ready to give up his bachelor lifestyle and sail into marriage. A relaxed team, colleagues from work, school friends who know each other from early childhood can be part of an unforgettable bachelor party, as well as the organization itself.

BELGRADE BACHELOR PARTY - Organize a luxury bachelor party that will be remembered for the rest of your life

Many call the bachelor party “maturity test” or “the last day of freedom”, all for the purpose of marking the main moment when the groom will say YES clearly and loudly. Organizing a bachelor party is a very serious challenge for both society and the godfather. And the goal is only one, how to surprise the groom in the best possible way to celebrate the craziest bachelor party that he will remember for the rest of his life.
Precisely for this reason, a high level of responsibility and creation is required. And we have prepared perfect ideas for a luxurious bachelor party that will take your breath away. Read below what we have prepared for you.

belgrade bachelor party – WHEN IS IT ORGANIZED?

Although many organize a bachelor party the day before the wedding itself, it would be best if the bachelor party is organized a week before. In this way, you will avoid the future husband, best man and other wedding guests coming to the wedding ceremony hungover. The wedding day can be very stressful, full of expectations and planning. So it would be best if the bachelor party is organized during the weekend that will precede the wedding itself. For example, Friday, Saturday are days when people don’t work and have more free time.


When we mention places for bachelor parties in Belgrade and the organization itself, where the newlyweds will celebrate their single life period. Most of the options are divided into the 3 biggest ones: staying at home, going out to the club, renting a raft or renting a luxury house with a swimming pool, see more about such offers here.

  • If you want the simplest option for a bachelor party, then it is definitely staying at home. Society usually gathers at the place of the one who has an empty apartment. With delicious food and drinks, it can be a great option to relax in a home environment.

  • If you decide to go out to the club, make sure that you make the reservation of booths and high seating in time so that you don’t end up in a situation where there are no available seats for the desired club. You can make reservations for all clubs and spas in Belgrade by calling +381 69 306 1989

  • An unforgettable bachelor party in a luxurious apartment or bedroom with a view of the river will give you a completely different impression where you will be able to enjoy and create an unforgettable experience for both the groom and the rest of the team. The person organizing the accommodation should inquire in time about the availability of the dates for the desired house or bedroom.

RENTAL OF STRIPTIES FOR BELGRADE BACHELOR PARTY: If you still decide to celebrate your bachelor party at home (a raft for the day, a rented villa with a baveza, an apartment, at the godfather’s house or the groom’s house) and at the same time you want to be different and for the bachelor party to be crazier than the craziest one, then you definitely have to do this. Rent a stripper for a bachelor party. Our stripper will knock on your door. A beautiful stripper will come to your desired address and make your bachelor party memorable for the rest of your life. Be up to the task and do your best not to let the groom know that you are preparing a great surprise for him, until the stripper arrives at your desired address and knocks on the door. At the bachelor party, the stripper will play with the groom and he will be the main focus, and of course all other men can participate in the performance to make the party more interesting. The stripper’s performance itself lasts about 45 minutes, although she sometimes stays longer if there is a tip. The stripper will leave the groom and you breathless with her seductive movements. With a beautiful striptease, the groom will experience an unforgettable experience and his bachelor party will surely be remembered until the end of the wedding. More about this surprise for the bachelor party, see here striptease rental

If you want to rent a female stripper for a bachelor party in Belgrade, you can do so by calling +381 69 306 1989

BELGRADE BACHELOR PARTY IN A LUX LIMOUSINE: An experience that will surely be remembered and talked about for months is a ride in a luxury limousine with a beautiful striptease. Striptease will take your pleasure to a higher level and give an excellent impression to your personal experience, which will make the bachelor party unique in its own way. A bachelor party with a stripper and her performance is the ideal solution when you don’t have a static place for a bachelor party but have decided to go to several different locations during the night. In that case, the limousine serves as a transfer where you can get into the limousine after dinner from the restaurant, which will drive you to the desired club and at the same time you will have a striptease performance with a beautiful stripper in a luxurious limousine. Our limousine is 9 meters long and can accommodate up to 10 people, but for better comfort we recommend a maximum of 8 people, that way you will feel more comfortable. As a gift, if you reserve our limousine, you will receive free champagne on the house. The minimum limousine ride is 1 hour, and of course it can be longer if you wish.

And for bachelor parties and a team that has more than 8 guests, we have prepared a spectacularly more comfortable vehicle, a Hummer limousine that can fit up to 20 people, sounds great, doesn’t it? And only when you see it and sit in it will you understand why this vehicle is only for VIP guests. Of course, the striptease performance itself will have a better impression in it due to the greater comfort of the lux vehicle. See more about this package here ~> Limousine Striptease.

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This luxurious bachelor party surprise is only for true hedonists. And if you are looking for a unique experience, then celebrating a bachelor party on a luxury yacht is the ideal solution for you. Spend the afternoon or evening on a yacht with a view of the sunset while drinking your favorite cocktail. And the main surprise is yet to come: a beautiful stripper animates the groom and other wedding guests with her erotic dance and spice up the experience in the best possible way. The stripper will dance while she has positive energy and while the euphoria grows among the guys at the bachelor party. Her performance lasts about 45 minutes, and she often stays longer when she has tips. The yacht sails past the most beautiful parts of Belgrade: under the bridge on Ada, next to Kalemegdan, Belgrade na vod, Ada Medjica, Beton hale. The view from a totally different perspective is something that will surely leave you etched in your memory. The yacht has an exclusive interior and was made to be on two large novos. The number of people that the yacht can accommodate for a bachelor party is 20. The yacht has a huge terrace that is comfortable and great for both day and night cruises. See more about this lux package of a yacht plus a stripper for a stag party here ~>BELGRADE STAGE PARTY ON A LUXURY YACHT


GOING OUT TO THE CLUB FOR A BACHELOR’S NIGHT IN BELGRADE: After a light warm-up with your favorite pizza and a hot striptease performance performed by a stripper, we can tell you with certainty that the next destination is going out to a club and celebrating a bachelor party in a club version. We have prepared excellent clubs for you to celebrate your bachelor party. With a pre-booked booth or high seating, you will avoid the moment of being turned away from the door of the club because there are no more free seats.
if you make a reservation through us, we will ensure that you enter the club without waiting in line, and you will be placed in a better location than if you had booked through the club yourself. Our friend will be waiting for you in the club and will be there for you the whole evening, so you can turn to him for whatever you need.

The condition for booking a booth is 2 premium bottles.

The requirement for high seating is 1 premium bottle.

You can make a reservation by calling +381-69-306-1989

May your bachelor party in Belgrade be one of those that will be remembered forever!!!

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Jelena Basic Palkovic
Jelena Basic Palkovic
Sve pohvale,hvala za extra provod. Sve preporuke????
Sara Nikolic
Sara Nikolic
Vrlo zabavno i lepo iskustvo. Sasa je pravi profesionalac. Sve pohvale za njega i njegov performans.
Vijoleta Zivanovic
Vijoleta Zivanovic
Covek za svaku pohvalu,ljubazan,korektan,pristojan i nasmejan! Saradnja od samog početka je bila top,hvala ti,hvala za performans,uspelo nam je iznenadjenje????????
Sandra Čurović
Sandra Čurović
Super provod, sve pohvale!
Ilic Minja
Ilic Minja
top performans! 😉
Jovana Lazic
Jovana Lazic
Hvala ti puno što si ucinio naše vece savrsenim. Sve preporuke za Saleta, najbolji je u onome što radi, i čini da se svaka oseća posebnom! Jedva cekamo neko sledeće druženje ????
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