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Performance for bachelorette party in Belgrade, birthday

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Male striptease for bachelorette party: Do you want to get arrested

A gift for a bachelorette party in Belgrade  – Our stripper Sasa Brkic arrives in a real police uniform to the desired address by appointment. only a couple of girls or all the girls except the birthday girl, the bride, know about his performance. At the bachelorette party, a policeman – a stripper comes on the order of a report because of loud music or because of a report that illegal substances are being consumed. While the policeman (stripper) is checking whether the girls have been arrested or convicted and is playing the role of a real policeman and is preparing to report them, you are looking at the scared faces of your best friends, priceless! Until one moment when the stripper starts searching the birthday girl and when she is with him, at that moment the music starts and his performance begins.
The male striptease performance lasts about 45 minutes. It stays longer when there is a good atmosphere and when there are tips. . It is one of the performances that is most in demand when it comes to a gift for a bachelorette party or birthday . Note for bachelorette parties, birthdays: when the policeman (striper) knocks on the door and comes in, the girls should be extremely serious and scared, without laughing or flashing their lights! How the birthday girl wouldn’t suspect anything.
   The price is not fixed and depends on many factors.
For any additional information, you can contact us at +381 69 306 1989

Striptiz Belgrade, Striptiz Novi Sad, Striptiz Subotica, Striptiz Sombor as well as other cities

striptease belgrade

Male Striptease: Rescue is my PROFESSION

Male striptease in Belgrade:  Firefighter –  stripper comes to your desired address, ready to put out the fire among the girls. An ideal surprise for  a bachelorette party . You are only expected to arm yourself with a smile and positive energy, and male stripper Sasa Brkic
will take care of everything else Your stripper is experienced in this business, very measured and stylish. your stripper always knows how and with which girl to play: starting with the bolder girls who are ready to dance right away, to the shy ones who need special attention and a gentle approach. Your stripper will make your bachelorette party one of those nights you’ll remember for the rest of your life. Male striptease is an ideal  gift for a bachelorette party – the performance lasts about 45 minutes. but we don’t look at the clock, we are here as long as the euphoria among the ladies grows and we stay longer when there are tips. The striper stays longer when there is a tip and the program is even more interesting. Experience male striptease  with your  bachelorette party , an event that will be talked about for months. Do not miss this original opportunity and book a male striptease for your bachelorette party, birthday! Striptiz Belgrade, Striptiz Subotica, Striptiz Novi Sad as well as in other cities throughout Serbia! The price is not fixed, it depends on several factors, and for any additional information, please contact us via the following number: +381 69 306 1989

If you also need female strippers for a bachelor party, birthday or any other type of party, feel free to contact us. And we will provide you with the best strippers for an unforgettable time.

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Men's Striptease For Girls' Party: Girls love SAILORS the most

Male Striptease for a Bachelorette Party: Sasa Brkic, a male stripper,  comes to your address in a sailor’s uniform, ready to have a party like you’ve only seen in movies. This is an ideal occasion if you are celebrating a bachelorette party on a raft or yacht. Your  stripper  will appear in a navy uniform and spice up your party at your address.
Gift for a bachelorette party:  For all those who love surprises, this is an ideal opportunity to brighten up your girlfriend, sister, or  godmother’s bachelorette party ,  birthday  and make it not everyday.
So don’t hesitate and book your appointment on time. Sasa brkic  is better known as the Serbian freestyle champion.
Male striptease for a bachelorette party : The performance lasts about 45 minutes. But we will not watch the clock, we are here as long as the positive energy grows, we often stay longer when there are tips and then the program is even more interesting. Sometimes we stay longer when there is a tip. Striptiz Belgrade , Striptiz Novi Sad , Striptiz Sombor , Striptiz Subotica, as well as other cities throughout the Balkans.
The price is not fixed and depends on many factors. for all other information you can contact us via the number: +381 69 306 1989

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Jelena Basic Palkovic
Jelena Basic Palkovic
Sve pohvale,hvala za extra provod. Sve preporuke????
Sara Nikolic
Sara Nikolic
Vrlo zabavno i lepo iskustvo. Sasa je pravi profesionalac. Sve pohvale za njega i njegov performans.
Vijoleta Zivanovic
Vijoleta Zivanovic
Covek za svaku pohvalu,ljubazan,korektan,pristojan i nasmejan! Saradnja od samog početka je bila top,hvala ti,hvala za performans,uspelo nam je iznenadjenje????????
Sandra Čurović
Sandra Čurović
Super provod, sve pohvale!
Ilic Minja
Ilic Minja
top performans! 😉
Jovana Lazic
Jovana Lazic
Hvala ti puno što si ucinio naše vece savrsenim. Sve preporuke za Saleta, najbolji je u onome što radi, i čini da se svaka oseća posebnom! Jedva cekamo neko sledeće druženje ????
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